Tuesday, April 26, 2011

AgaPolluza—Speaking Up in the Dairy Industry

This Saturday, April 30, 2011, The Morrisville State College Dairy Club is hosting AgaPolluza—an interactive tour of the college’s dairy facility.  Their goal is to introduce their side of the story, representing dairy producers across the state, and the nation.  So often many organizations that have no ties to agriculture take it upon themselves to tell the general public about what happens on dairy farms.  Often, they stage and conduct undercover work on operations that are unaccepted by the dairy industry and thus paint a false picture of agriculture.  This weekend, the Dairy Club is stepping up and going on the offensive—they are opening the door for the public to see first-hand what takes place on a dairy farm.  The event is objective and illustrates transparency.   

Today there are fewer people than ever that are directly responsible for the production of our food, though many jobs are related to and supported by the agricultural economy. There are roughly 619,000 dairy cows in New York State, and each cow contributes $13,700 to the state’s economy annually—that works out to an $8,480,300,000 contribution.  Also, each dollar spent on dairy generates another $2.50 locally.     (NY Dairy Impact Quick Statistics)        

NY Dairy Impact Quick Statistics. (n.d.). Retrieved April 26, 2011, from New York Animal Agriculture Coalition: http://www.farmskeepnygreen.org/toolbox/quick-stats.html

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