Saturday, January 29, 2011

Farm Kid Syndrome

This is a chronic problem for any child born into a small business, really.  The signs include unsettled behavior when given the chance to relax (from time to time) and work ethic that can be unmatched when the afflicted is "in their zone."  However, it took me 21 years to figure out what my condition is, and today I was reminded of it.  In my second week back at college, I found myself not being able to sleep past 8 AM this Saturday morning and could only sit down so long before I was cleaning my apartment and preparing myself for the day. 

On a more serious note, these are the individuals from families that get up before dawn every morning to live out their American dream, produce the food we eat, provide for their families and protect their livelihoods.  It doesn't matter if it is the dairy or beef farmer or the family hardware store, the foundation of these businesses and essentially their communities are built on a family support system that is unmatched.

When these businesses suffer, so do the families that built them, the entrepreneurs that have no choice but to take work home with them--because they live in the business setting (for the most part).  And when these businesses thrive, their families and communities grow even stronger.

With all of the latter in mind, you can only imagine the sense of responsibility and reality small business and farm kids have instilled in them early in life.  These are the kids that volunteer first, go above and beyond in their area of interest and truly understand the importance of fiscal responsibility.  They also know the power of incentive and the degradation of a workforce (society) that can result from a lack of accountability.  They (we) are products of our environment--though not the most interesting and 'fun' to many others--it produces the people that make the 'world go round.' 

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