Friday, January 28, 2011

Lots to chew on...loosen your belts to make room for the facts

Welcome followers!  This blog is going to be more than just another rant about's going to make you think about something that is very close to my heart--agriculture.  Yeah, I know, boring right?...just a bunch of ignorant hicks or greedy, subsidy protected, market manipulating businessmen...WRONG!  These are your ancestors, and closest descendants of the Agrarian society that these United States of America developed out of.  They serve on school and town boards, volunteer in fire departments, produce the food we eat, and fuel the local, state, national and global economies, but represent maybe the most introverted and smallest sector in our society.  Well, I'm the black sheep in that regard, and I'm going to introduce you to those that make it all happen.  This blog will pick up news that surfaces and common misconceptions about agriculture; walk through the mess of words...correct the lies, and work towards connecting with those of you that want to get a sense of our livelihood.  Welcome, and remember, don't bite the hand that feeds you!   

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